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Skin Revival Clay Mask Set

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A complete complexion overhaul system, the Minenssey Skin Revival Clay Mask Set follows the skin’s natural renewal cycle to replenish, restore, invigorate and radically transform complexions in 21 days.

-Size: 9x9mL

-21-day skin system

-9 x hygienically packaged individual treatment pods

-Unique cream clay texture that does not ‘crack’ on the skin

-Complimentary Minenssey application brush

Why you'll love it

An easy yet efficacious Minenssey Clay Mask regimen designed to achieve professional results at-home. Skin renews itself in a cycle, shedding dead cells and replacing them with new ones. Minenssey has consulted skin experts and dermatologists to develop a masking system that works in tune with skin’s incredible natural ability to regenerate itself. The Minenssey Skin Revival Clay Mask Set works in three stages over three weeks to purify, revive and radiate skin. The Minenssey Clay Masks treat a broad range of skincare concerns through a potent combination of high-quality clay and wild harvested native ingredients. This product is the perfect preparation for a special event or whenever your skin needs an intensive radiance boost.

The hygienically packaged individual treatment pods ensure each application is at full efficacy and easy for travel.

The formulas are free from animal products, sulphates, parabens, phthalates and pegs.

Skin benefits

Stage 1: Purify

The skin system begins with an application of the Deep Cleansing Mask, a potent formulation of Green Clay, Parsley Seed and Pepper Berry which cleanses skin, drawing out impurities. The complexion is then flooded with moisture from the Hydrating Mask. Following Stage 1 the complexion is cleansed and refreshed, soothed and receptive to the benefits in Stage 2.

Stage 2: Revive

The Deep Cleansing Mask kickstarts Stage 2 of the regimen purifying and unclogging pores. The Rejuvenating Mask and Brightening Mask follow combating dull, uneven and tired skin. Skin is revitalised, restored and energised.

Stage 3: Radiate

Stage 3 in the skin system utilises the Flannel Flower infused Hydrating Mask, which can be used as a sleeping mask for maximum hydrating benefits, to imbue long-lasting moisture. Next up, the Brightening Mask restores a healthy glow to the complexion. The final application is the Rejuvenating Mask for improved skin firmness. Skin will be luminous, dewy and youthful.

Suitable for

Most skin types. Particularly great for dull, tired or lacklustre complexions in need of a revival and radiance boost. We do not recommend the Rejuvenating Clay Mask for sensitive skin types. 

Each formula can be used individually to target specific skin concerns, or together on different areas of the face for a multi-masking treatment.

How to use

Use 3 masks each stage over a 21 day cycle.

 Purify (Days 1-7): In week one start with Deep Cleansing Clay Mask to detoxify the skin. Throughout the week follow with the Hydrating Clay Masks to replenish skin and prep for stage 2.

Revive (Days 8-14): In week 2 start with a Deep Cleansing mask. Over the next week, use Rejuvenating and Brightening Clay Masks to revitalise, brighten.

Radiate (Days 15-21): Begin week 3 with a Hydrating Clay Mask, follow with Brightening and Rejuvenating Clay Masks over the week to restore a firm, glowing complexion.

Using the Minenssey application brush, paint a generous layer to the face and neck. Leave for 20-30 minutes then gently remove using warm water and cotton pad or leave overnight for an intensive treatment.