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Dr Joanna Rejuvenating Caviar series

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Travel Packs Set 

Dr. Johanna Budwig

[ A Legendary Woman ]

Dr. Johanna Budwig , (1908 2003) was a German biochemist who became famous for her research on fatty acids and the diet she developed based around its healing effects. It was believed by many that it could treat cancer and other degenerative diseases. It was this diet that helped her establish an international reputation.

In 1951, she promoted the Budwig diet and its anti cancer effects. It involved the consumption of flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese. This therapy got her
nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times in1979.

“Beauty has nothing to do with age”

Dr. Joanna, the brand, adheres to a holistic approach in combining science and beauty. We are committed to abide by her in depth research into linseed oil, not only for its excellent healing properties, but also its role and benefits when combined with other active ingredients. The best effect comes when flaxseed oil is combined with ingredients such as caviar and rare platinum. Through extensive research and experimentation, the combination of these ingredients have proven to create excellent skincare products . This breakthrough discovery is still being used today, providing women with luxurious and effective skincare products