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Youth Booster

14 ml

Focus: Mature Skin

Focus: Anti-Aging, Lifting & Firming


Ampoule Serum Concentrate for greater elasticity and fewer wrinkles.


With increasing age, the natural production of collagen in the skin continues to decline, causing the skin to lose elasticity and produce more wrinkles. BABOR experts have combined their current know-how of anti-aging skincare in Youth Booster Ampoule Concentrates and developed a concentrate designed to combat the loss of skin tone and elasticity. Enriched with specially formulated ingredients, the active ingredients in Youth Booster Ampoule Concentrates support preservation of the collagen network to ensure more elasticity and younger-looking skin.

To support natural collagen production, Youth Booster Ampoule Concentrates are infused with a precisely balanced peptide complex that improves skin elasticity.
Protein enzymes from the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and white lupine promote activation of various components of the extracellular matrix and strengthen skin firmness.

A special tripeptide supports the preservation of collagen fibers in the skin for more firmness and elasticity. Thus, 91% of testers confirm that their skin feels firmer after one week.
A plant-based amino acid complex supports skin regeneration and the natural anti-aging process.

*35 women (at-home application), 30+ years old, loss of elasticity, lines & wrinkles, any skin type
Youth Booster Ampoule Concentrates give mature skin with loss of elasticity a much-needed plumping effect; they also contain a peptide complex to help maintain and build collagen structures.

Furthermore, the active ingredient complex contains saccharides and panthenol for the extra skincare boost to moisturize and soothe the skin.


The active ingredients of the Youth Booster Ampoules support skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles when used regularly. In addition, the skin appears firmer and as if plumped up from the inside.


The skin undergoes a plumping effect; with regular use of the Youth Booster Ampoule Concentrates, it looks smoother and appears as if it was plumped from the inside. Moreover, 94% confirm that the skin looks firmer and plumper after 7 days and feels firmer overall.

*35 women (at-home application), 30+ years old, loss of elasticity, lines & wrinkles, any skin type


Application: For best results, apply after cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule and wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule or use the enclosed ampoule opener. With your other hand, grasp the neck of the ampoule and snap it open at the lower, colored ring. Pour the concentrate into the palm of your hand and smooth it over your face, neck and décolleté. Pat the concentrate gently into the skin, then apply your regular moisturizing cream on top.