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Authentic Micisty Tube Bra Ready Stock

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Slim Fit
Available in Black, Nude, White
High-Quality Material
Stretchable Material





We use detachable and thin chest pads, which are breathable and not stuffy, bringing a dry and comfortable experience to the chest. The unique arc design of the chest pads gives the chest a more docile sense of tolerance and brings a more stable and less-expandable wearing experience. We adopt a widened four-breasted buckle design on the back, and the widened width brings a more stable selection experience, and it also fits the skin better without showing traces, and can be worn and taken off freely.

Your experience of Strapless non-slip tube top underwear. 1. A relatively comfortable strapless underwear, there is no slippage, and it is no problem to trot down the stairs; 2. The underwear design is very smart, and you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself when bending over slightly. The underwear will not slip off, and the support is also very good; 3. The fabric is soft and light, very comfortable, and the side circumference does not have that kind of scratching feeling; 4. It is a perfect match with a shoulder dress.  It also looks great with off-shoulder see-through dress.

Micisty's new strapless non-slip tube top underwear adopts double-layer non-slip non-slip strips. The non-slip cloth strips are delicate and skin-friendly, which can absorb sweat and breathable, non-sensitivity and no strangulation, and can also accommodate the chest well and prevent slipping; The innovative addition of wavy multiple soft supports, the combination of the lifting layer and the skin-touching layer, can effectively set off the chest and prevent sagging; multi-dimensional three-dimensional adjustment of the chest shape.

SIZE (cm) Recommended Cup Recommended Upper Bust Recommended Lower Bust
S 70A 70B 70C 72-88 68-73
M 75A 75B 75C 78-93 73-78
L 80A 80B 80C 82-100 78-85